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About us

The Rinteln Twinning Association is a legally incorporated society. It has been tasked with the promotion and encouragement of personal contact and relations between Rinteln and its twin towns of Slavno in Poland, and Kendal in Great Britain. Slavno, formerly known as the German town of Schlawe, is situated approximately 150 kms to the west of Danzig on the northern edge of the Pommeranian Highlands, some 20 kms from the Baltic Sea. Kendal is situated in North-West England in the County of Cumbria. It is the gateway to the Lake District.

The Rinteln Twinning Association currently has a membership of 91. This membership includes individuals, families, schools, clubs and societies, industrial firms, and various other institutions. The Association encourages and supports visits and exchanges on a general individual or group basis between Rinteln and the respective twin-towns. The funding is generated from membership fees and from a grant allocation from the Rinteln Town Council. In the interests of international understanding, given the realities of ever-increasing unity in Europe, the Rinteln Twinning Association is especially anxious to promote exchanges between members of the younger generation in the three respective countries. The aims are to awaken feelings of mutual understanding and to establish contacts and bonds of friendship which reach out beyond the limits of national boundaries.